Soaring Hope China Mission

Soaring Hope, Inc. seeks to express Christ’s love to the people of China and Chinese residents in the United States by giving hope to those who have lost it.

Yung Hai and Ada Chen, and their family are missionaries to China, providing Optical, Dental services, and Audiology services to the poor. Soaring Hope workers have cooperated with other charities to provide free medical treatment and surgery for the poor and underprivileged people (i.e. orphans) in China. Tactic seminars between Chinese and American doctors are continually arranged, allowing the country to further develop its medical skills and cultural exchange.

China is gradually beginning to promote religious freedom within its borders. Soaring Hope envisions a partnership with the Chinese Government to legally establish facilities that satisfy spiritual hunger through the administration of other key services.

Soaring Hope designs discipleship training programs to help develop strong mentors and small group leaders. In emphasizing the importance of positive relationships at home, it also conducts premarital counseling sessions and family relationship workshops.

Chinese citizens are highly encouraged to develop their English language skills in efforts to enhance international communication and understanding. Soaring Hope offers linguistic aid to meet this need.

For more information, please go to: Soaring Hope, Inc.