Our Fathers House Orphange

Samson's Birthday!

Church games

Missionaries Randy and Kathleen McReynolds have been serving in Kusuman Sakhon Nakorn Thailand for the last four years where there are over 300,000 orphaned children due to poverty and prostitution. They have completed building the orphanage and kitchen. In this Christian environment, their contribution to Thailand will be enhanced by providing care for orphaned children, with the overall purpose being a mother to these children, and the orphaned becoming self sufficient, productive members of Thai society with the heart to help others and the ability to learn and grow.

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The Kids

Thai Mission Kids

Kids Are Kids No matter Where They Live. They Are Showing Off Their Swimming Pool

The Thai Mission Under Construction With Kathleen At The Front Door


The Thai Mission Building Ready To Go.

The Thai Mission Building Ready To Go.

Moses Loveld The Ocean

Missionary Randy Mc Reynolds with Moses In The Ocean. Moses Loves It.

Randy with the BDYD gang at the zoo in May 2011

Randy and Kathleen at the zoo with the BDYD family in May 2011

Camp games!