May 31 2011 Newsletter from Thailand

June 2011 Ban Dek Yin Dee Newsletter
Hi Friends,
Praise Reports
Much of our recent teaching has been on who Jesus is. We feel they have finally been receptive, perhaps because our hearts have been more focused on being a servant’s heart (all parents know demonstration works better than words). Servant leader is sometimes a difficult balance – and easy to forget in the daily routine of life – but this is the example Jesus gave us for good reason.
Esther came to us believing that her real mother was dead and her handicapped stepmother was unable to raise her – apparently a story told to her at a previous orphanage. Esther had great fear of the stepmother taking her away. Esther’s aunt that brought her here simply called her the mom (a step-mom would be called the mom in Thailand). When mom showed up with her sister, the true story came out. Her real mother is mentally and physically handicapped, but very much alive, loves her, wants the best for her (in this case, to stay here), and just wants to know her. It was a very happy ending to a very sad story. Praise God!  
Sometimes a reminder of how blessed we are shows up at our door. Last Sunday, 4 sisters showed up – the youngest a 2 year old in the picture with Moses – dressed in their Sunday best (clothes we would probably use for rags). They still looked beautiful. In America, and likewise, at Ban Dek Yin Dee, we have so much. God has blessed BDYD through many of you and we are very grateful. Thank you. May God continue to bless you mightily.
Prayer Requests
Please continue to pray for Moses. There is definite improvement, but still times of severe itching and breathing and sleeping difficulties. Please also pray for the Sunday school children to grow in their relationship to the Lord and for wisdom, knowledge and ability – for us – of how to be the kind of examples and leaders that they need.
In Christ,
Randy, Kathleen and the rest of the Ban Dek Yin Dee Gang     

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