July 2011 Ban Dek Yin Dee Newsletter


Praise Reports and Prayer Requests Combined
One of our Sunday school 8th graders, Yuki, has been diagnosed with liver problems for some time – now they say it’s her gallbladder. After a couple of days in little Kusuman hospital (visiting is like retuning to the 50’s), they are sending her to Sakon Nakorn Hospital – bigger and more modern, but 1 hour away. Her mom lives in Bangkok and is very sick (possibly AIDS), so she lives with her grandmother here. Very poor Grandma took Yuki to the hospital on her very beat-up old mini-bike – her only form of transportation. Please pray that we can make time to help since we offered to help with transportation – now that Yuki is in Sakon Nakorn – and pray for Yuki’s healing.

At rural hospitals here, someone has to stay with the patients. Yuki was in one large room with several other children, two of whom really touched our hearts. One (that’s her name – Nung in Thai), a 5 yr-old girl attended by her 7 yr-old sister and 12 yr-old brother (mother deceased, father planting rice), had bad sores all over her body from swimming in polluted water. What a smile she has! The other was a 1 yr-old girl with a very high fever, whose mother had the all-too-common look of disdain for us when we have Thai children (Nun, Moses & Sarah) with us. When we asked – twice – if we could pray for the child the only response was a blank stare. Then Nun asked if we could pray that God heal her child, and the response was an immediate “yes” and the attitude changed. The Baby was released shortly thereafter. Praise God! Please pray that this mother and the family to have a desire to come to know God.

We thank God for stirring our hearts anew by showing us the needs still waiting for Jesus in Kusuman. Please pray with us that – in spite of still not having help – the Lord will use us more in fulfilling the promise He made years ago that many in Kusuman will see the Lord in all His glory. Please pray that strongholds will be broken and the gates of heaven will be opened for God’s children from Kusuman.

Thank you. We are blessed to have you as our partners. Without you, the Word would not be being preached in Kusuman. Sorry that this newsletter was longer than usual.

Blessings to All,
Randy, Kathleen and all the rest of the BDYD Family

P.S. Pray for us to have young legs and good tennis shoes as Sarah is walking and Moses is running.

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