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November 2011 Ban Dek Yin Dee Newsletter


The floods here have now claimed over 600 lives, and have affected nearly every area of Thailand. Praise God that our area is one of the few areas not flooded, but since most commercial items come from or through distribution centers in or around Bangkok, the shelves at the stores are missing many of the usual items. Those who were able just left Bangkok, so cars with Bangkok license plates are everywhere. Now the waters are receding and the leftover may be worse than the water. Stagnant water in the tropics quickly develops diseases, snakes (over 200 poisonous varieties here) come out of every nook and cranny, and many exotic animals have escaped from various zoos and other places (it seems to be a big thing – and not well regulated – for those financially able to keep a few in their homes) The worst probably are the many crocodiles – including some very large ones – that came from the flooded crocodile farms (some are for tourists and some are raised for skins, meat, etc.) Please pray with us that this disaster will cause some to look for He who is more real and more helpful than the dead idols in their temples or whatever inhabits their spirit houses (and never eats the food left out).

How quickly little children receive the things of God. Sarah, at 18 months, on her own, came, closed her eyes and laid hands on Moses when he injured himself. Praise God!

Please pray for the foundation’s final approval. A couple of snags have developed. The first was the closure of the government offices in Bangkok (floods) for nearly a month. That passed, there seems to be some reticence on the part of a government official. If you’re thinking “I don’t understand”, well, no one else seems to either. The only thing that we can do is to pray for God’s favor. Please join us in that.

Our helper didn’t last long. She regulated her diabetes very poorly and it got the best of her. When her doctor put her in the hospital for a few days, then as an outpatient for awhile, she decided she couldn’t handle it and didn’t come back. Another woman – much younger and also a believer – who said she was coming to work quit before she got here. Praise God that we had a Thai worker here when government officials visited. However, that puts us back where we were, asking for prayer for a helper.

We continue to thank God for all that He has done for us. This has been through your prayers, or through the many other ways that you have supported us. So, we also thank you. Yes, we do know that this is no longer November, but we started writing in November and a short note will come before Christmas.

May God’s Blessings Overwhelm You and Yours, Randy, Kathleen and the Rest of the BDYD Family